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Sergej Grivcov

Sergej Grivcov

Senior Director of Software Development at GoDaddy

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Currently a Senior Director of Software Development at GoDaddy. I've led an engineering team from a startup environment, to getting acquired by a corporation, to growing within a corporation and getting many more projects and opportunities. At this time, leading major corporate initiatives with both the team that grew out of our acquired startup and teams that I've inherited from different parts of the company. My approach to management is setting clear expectations and high-level rules, being there to support leaders and ICs with whatever they need to achieve those, but ultimately getting out of their way. Stepping in with more control only when absolutely necessary. I strongly believe this is the best way to let people grow, while still achieving desired results. If you like the general approach and would want to know more, or you have a different opinion and would want to share feedback and experiences - I'm available for a call. Looking forward to chatting with you!

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Senior Director of Software Development


Aug 2021 - current

This is a continuation of the last role, the scope just keeps growing. At the time of starting this new role, leading 2 major company initiatives with total headcount of about 80 engineers. Some notable results in the short time in this role: - Established a good hiring pipeline with recruiting that is allowing us to hire quality engineers quicker than before - which is a challenge as GoDaddy isn't well established in Serbia. With a target of over 30 new engineers, we were able to hire 10+ in 2 months. - Created an action plan for both major initiatives in the first month. Addressed some low-hanging fruit in one of the initiatives in that short time-frame which significantly improved security of a product, and got recognized for it. This is something that hasn't been done in over 5 years.

Director of Software Development


Dec 2018 - Aug 2021

Transitioned from managing individual contributors to managing software development managers, In total leading about 25-30 engineers across 3 managers. One of the teams is completely US-based. Successfully delivered on top initiatives within GoDaddy, while continuously generating new ideas for projects and improvements. - Constantly leading 4+ projects between the different engineering teams. Most notably successfully delivering on a project tied to over $100M revenue. - Sparked over 5 hackathons that turned into experiment projects and 3 ended up being productized in different ways. One is still an on-going project and is aimed at retaining $10M annual revenue that the company was originally willing to risk as it deprecates a platform. - Even when turnover finally started after more than 2 years post-acquisition, managed to keep steady output and capabilities of the development team. Successfully balancing new hires and mentoring to achieve this. - Propagated and kept improving different engineering processes collaboratively with the new managers. A lot of the processes have been originally established in previous roles. Most notably: created Figma tooling that has been adopted by UX company-wide. The tooling improves UX - engineering collaboration. - When the UX team in Belgrade was struggling with processes, it was turned over to me, to lead it as an interim manager and establish different processes with the team. Managed to get to a predictable output of that team, as well as clearly defined tasks for a few weeks in advance at all times.

Senior Manager Software Development


Aug 2016 - Dec 2018

Leading the Belgrade engineering team after the acquisition, continued the development of ManageWP while slowly taking over a few more projects. The team grew to 15 people within the first month and maintained that count. After a lot of successful project deliveries and beating timelines, got a green light to start hiring aggressively and double the team. - Leveraged retrospectives, one on one meetings and team meetings to further improve engineering practices, better organize the team and have 0 turnover of engineers for 2 years post-acquisition. - Successfully moved over a project from another team, and by bettering the system/automation of different tasks, managed to get to a point of nearly not needing any engineers for it. A team of 5 engineers was maintaining it before this. - Continued with quick deliveries. Successfully rolled-out an integrated experience of our product with GoDaddy in under 3 months. Delivered a project within 5 days, which previously took months of another team and was estimated to much longer. - Improved various engineering processes. Implemented team architecture/code reviews, improved the CI/CD pipeline significantly (static code analysis - security/complexity/coding standard, tests...), on-call rotation etc. Ultimately helping the team adopt new technologies like Java and React.

Head of Software Engineering


Dec 2014 - Aug 2016

Led the development team (architecture/standards/hiring) that worked on ManageWP Orion, the successor of ManageWP (Classic). ManageWP Orion manages over 800 000 websites world wide and is the leading solution for management, backups, cloning and uptime/security/performance monitoring of WordPress sites. This project along with the team was acquired by GoDaddy. - Came up with a creative way to deliver our product on time, gain value and continue development - when it was nearly turned into something else that would set us back quite a bit. - Architected all more complex features along with two most senior engineers. - Scaled team from four to ten engineers over one year, recruiting, on-boarding, and ensuring team efficiency, building a team that released new features consistently each week for three months. - While the team was busy, personally implemented a relatively complex billing system in less than a month, just prior to the release of the product. No bugs to this day.

Software Engineer


Oct 2013 - Dec 2014

Leveraged technical expertise to quickly adapt to web development, learning key concepts and also learning PHP, JavaScript, Symfony, and AngularJS. Developed several new features while debugging and optimizing the existing ones. Gathered client requirements in order to make improvements to user experience while building a personal understanding of the business-side of things. - Developed the single site dashboard experience for ManageWP Classic with minimal assistance in the first month, while diving deep into lots of legacy code for the first time. - Adapted to front-end and delivered the first dashboard in AngularJS for a new project, that later served as a great base to build on. - Made key contributions to the development of automatic recovery and update system for our plugin, driving increased customer satisfaction and confidence in our product.

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