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Sarper Horata

Sarper Horata

Product & Project Management Author at Pluralsight

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    I'm a computer scientist, an ex software developer, and an experienced product manager on different products on different platforms including Web, Android, IOS, and Blockchain projects at corporations and startups. I started my career by writing code but wanted to do more by crafting products from a wider perspective. Going through business analysis and landing over the product management positions, I realized that this is the profession I'd like to do, crafting and maintaining compact and usable products that people use every day. As a curious, cheerful, pragmatic, and people-oriented person who loves to own products he works on, I like to share my knowledge with my teams or anyone who is interested.

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    5 Years


    Manager of ICs


    Education / eTech
    Financial Services / Fintech
    Human Resources
    Computer Software
    Travel Services

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    Navigating Freelance Work

    7 July

    Sarper Horata, Product & Project Management Author at Pluralsight, recalls his freelancing days and shares some tips on how to navigate the troubled waters of freelance work.

    Salary / Work Conditions
    Career Path
    Creating My First Product From Scratch

    7 July

    Sarper Horata, Product & Project Management Author at Pluralsight, describes building his first product from scratch while sharing the exciting moments that made that journey memorable.

    Managing Expectations
    Software Development Life Cycle: A Product Guy’s Perspective

    7 July

    Sarper Horata, Product & Project Management Author at Pluralsight, uncovers how we introduced a proper software development life cycle in a company he was hired in a product role.

    Team Processes
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