Sancheeta Kaushal

Sancheeta Kaushal

Ex-Engineering Manager at Blinkit (Formerly Grofers)

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  • Friday 10th Feb2:30 PM

Hey, I am Sancheeta Kaushal. I am an ex-Engineering Manager at Blinkit (a 10-minute delivery e-commerce company). Currently, I am on a sabbatical and exploring the climate tech ecosystem. I consider myself a holistic problem solver who uses design and systems thinking methodologies to solve problems at the intersection of technology, business and users. You can rely on me to coach you on product and engineering management problems. My other expertise lies in building close-knit teams. The ideal candidate for me to coach would be someone who has recently become a team lead/manager and is looking forward to solving new challenges of the role. I will help you build a team culture that brings impact and move beyond the title of a manager to a leader.

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3 Years


Manager of ICs


Computer Software
Food / Foodtech

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