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Said Ketchman

Said Ketchman

Director of Engineering at The New York Times

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hello! I’m Said Ketchman, an Engineering Director at The New York Times. I'm a big proponent of the balance of management, half of which is managing the work and the other half being managing your people. If you manage your people well, they'll take care of delivering the work required to add value as a team. I’m a MBA grad from Rutgers University, with a focus on Strategy & Leadership as a companion to my Computer Science background. I’m passionate about product and technology, but leadership development has been my focus for the past few years too. I enjoy writing and mentoring, and started my blog to share more of what I've learned over the years with others ( Hope to hear from you!

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    Assuming the Worst: Why My Boss’ Critical Feedback Wasn’t What I Thought

    6 December

    Saïd felt vulnerable and unsure of his standing after receiving multiple negative feedback from his boss.

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