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    Start-up and turn-around specialist. Entrepreneurial business developer with unique insight into today's technology market and business/marketing strategies. Direct executive operational experience with both publicly-traded corporations and early-stage startups. HIGHLIGHTS • Over a decade of pushing the envelope in the Advertising, Security, Networking, Software industries. • Proven ability to lead focused teams, deliver marketable products and drive successful marketing campaigns due to a unique cross-functional experience of marketing, engineering, finance and product management. • Exceptional leadership qualities that promote integrity, productivity, execution and creativity. • A fearless change management agent. • A leader that is both respected and well liked.

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    How to Overcome a Sense of Worthlessness

    12 January

    Roy Pereira, CEO at Inc., explains why many first-time managers struggle with overcoming a sense of worthlessness as their new role keeps them from coding.

    Feelings Aside
    New Manager
    Building a Gender-Balanced Engineering Team

    12 January

    Roy Pereira, CEO at Inc., speaks on his experience building a gender-balanced team in Canada and the efforts he made to adjust sourcing and hiring to meet his goal.

    Building A Team
    Company Culture
    How to Deal With a Junior Engineer Who Is Resolute on Rewriting the Code

    12 January

    Roy Pereira, CEO at Inc., shares how to deal with a junior engineer who -- for whatever reason -- is resolute on rewriting the code without a more profound understanding of the implications of their proposal.

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