Ross Bruniges

Ross Bruniges

Engineering Manager at Atlassian

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    I am a web developer with over 10 years experience in a large range of industries from education, finance and non-profit. While the technologies that I've used to make things have evolved beyond recognition my three principles of accessibility, simplicity and smooth performance have remained solid. I like making things that people use and enjoy. I champion open development process between internal and external teams and regularly instigate code reviews and code design sessions to ensure that these processes are adhered to. I have experience of leading technical development on projects, working individually, in large teams of 5 and up, working alongside offsite development teams and enjoy working closely alongside graphic and user experience designers. I have had articles published online ( and in print for the international magazine .net/practical web developer ( as well as being a judge for their yearly award ceremonies.

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    Decreasing Distractions During the Remote Workday

    7 January

    Ross Bruniges, Engineering Manager at Atlassian, shares his tips for a successful work-life balance, creating boundaries to decrease social distractions.

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