Roland Fiala

Roland Fiala

Senior Vice President of Engineering at Usergems

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Hey, my name is Roland. I am an experienced team leader and software developer by heart. I have comprehensive knowledge in building and scaling teams, designing and implementing scalable software architecture and finding innovative solutions for complex problems.

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Promoting Interdepartmental Teamwork for More Efficient Problem-Solving

13 June

Roland Fiala, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Productsup, raises an interesting issue about autonomy in teams: does it hinder collaboration opportunities that lead to better problem-solving? He shares his system for promoting teamwork in engineering departments.

Communication and Collaboration
Strategy and Vision
Internal Process Optimization
How to Motivate Your Engineers to Grow in Their Careers

13 June

Roland Fiala, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Productsup, highlights the importance of soft skills and shares how he motivates his engineers to further their careers by focusing on personal growth.

Career Growth
Transitioning into a New Management Role
Team Management
Internal Process Optimization
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