Roland Butler

Roland Butler

Product Director / Head of Product at Ex. TheFork (TripAdvisor), Just Eat, Bookatable (Michelin)

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Senior product leader with 10 years experience including 6 years at JUST EAT then product director at Bookatable By Michelin / TheFork(Tripadvisor). Proven track record of: 1. Bringing teams together to solve complex problems, 2. Working at an exec level to ensure the problems we solve are the right ones for our customers and our business, 3. Communicating company-wide the product story and the choices the product team make to support the strategy and vision

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Financial Services / Fintech
Food / Foodtech
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Using Opportunity Mapping to Create Amazing Products From a Wall Of Wild Ideas

28 December

Roland Butler, ex-Product Director at TheFork (TripAdvisor), Just Eat and Bookatable (Michelin), explains how opportunity mapping helped him better understand where he wanted to take his product(s) and where unmet customer needs are.

How to Build a Product Strategy That Centers on Customer Value

28 December

Roland Butler, ex-Product Director at TheFork (TripAdvisor), Just Eat and Bookatable (Michelin), shares how to build a product strategy that centers on customer value while securing buy-in from different stakeholders.

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