Rohit Karanam

Rohit Karanam

Senior Director, Product Management at Seismic

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Progressive Product Management leader with extensive experience in product, strategy and technology leadership building and launching innovative products. Proven ability to cultivate strategic customer relationships and demonstrated track record of translating customer, competitor and business understanding into a competitive product, leading international cross-culture and cross-functional teams. Broad experience working with enterprise customers, cloud providers and partners with ability to prioritize business needs and implement creative solutions. Successfully brought many new industry leadership products & services to market and grown existing product lines with results that generate high revenue and profit growth in the highly competitive data and analytics space. Grown and mentored teams to achieve outstanding results for customers and the businesses that they serve. Results oriented approach to defining and executing strategic business goals, building product roadmaps, improving process, increasing efficiency, and achieving high customer satisfaction.

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Relationship-Based Development

19 September

Rohit Karanam, Director, Product Management at Teradata, uncovers why building relationships is key to his leadership style that focuses on helping his reports grow in their careers.

Working with Product Teams
Product Transformation: Why Prioritization Is Critical

19 September

Rohit Karanam, Director, Product Management at Teradata, shares his thoughts on product transformation, emphasizing why prioritization becomes critical and something a PM needs to do on a day-to-day basis.

Working with Product Teams
Balancing Good Enough and Perfect

19 September

Rohit Karanam, Director, Product Management at Teradata, discusses how to strike a balance between good enough and perfect when getting a product out the door fast becomes a priority.

Stakeholder Management
Working with Product Teams
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