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Rohan Kulkarni

Rohan Kulkarni

Sr Engineering Manager at Expedia

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  • Friday 17th Dec9:00 PM (GMT)

Experienced Engineering Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Engineering management, Agile Methodologies, Career Development and growth, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and leading and managing multiple engineering teams

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4 Years


Manager of Managers


Cloud Services
Computer Software
Travel Services

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How to Uplift a Competent Employee Troubled by Interpersonal Problems

17 June

Rohan Kulkarni, Engineering Manager at Expedia, took a vested interest in the interpersonal challenges that an otherwise stellar employee seemed to be having in relation to the needs of his role within the company.

Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Finding the Right Moment of Opportunity to Advance Yourself

17 June

Rohan Kulkarni, Engineering Manager at Expedia, was not handed his title through sheer luck; instead, he recognized an opportunity to lead and blazed his own path forward.

Personal Growth
Career Path
New Manager
Testing, Learning, and Improving: Building a Successful System Progressively

17 June

Rohan Kulkarni, Engineering Manager at Expedia, shares his first significant triumph implementing a new system of cross-functional cooperation across an entire organization, testing, learning, and improving over the course of three quarters.

Team Processes
Standing up for an Employee in Trouble

17 June

Rohan Kulkarni, Engineering Manager at Expedia, takes his responsibility as an advocate for his team members very seriously.

Conflict Solving
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