Ramayan Tiwari

Ramayan Tiwari

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

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Software engineer with 10+ years of experience in building distributed systems, stream processing, and messaging systems at scale. Interest and expertise in distributed data stores, caching and messaging and their applications in various analytic and backend domain. Most recently, I have been building a real-time data store for Netflix member's interactions to power real-time prediction and ranking. The data store will power majority of ML and Algorithms that personalize the user's experience at Netflix.

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Managing Expectations on a Highly Visible Project

9 August

Ramayan Tiwari, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, details how to manage expectations on a project that attracted significant interest from a number of stakeholders even before its official start.

Managing Expectations
Internal Communication
Deciding to Build Vs. Leverage

9 August

Ramayan Tiwari, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, shares how to overcome an ever-present engineering dilemma of build vs. leverage by choosing to mix the two -- build parts of the system and leverage the rest.

Different Skillsets
Dev Processes
Team Processes
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