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    Senior Vice President of Engineering at Hezardastan Holding with experience in the job positions of Human Resources Manager, Vice President of Engineering, Product Manager and Software Engineer, (Hezardastan Holding is the parent company of the largest IT companies in Iran; Cafe Bazaar: A Local Android Market with +40 Million Users, Divar: An Advertisement Platform with +35 Million Users, Balad: A Live Navigation App with +5 Million Users, Gharar: A Video Conference Platform). By involvement in the growth leadership of the company from 5 to about 1000 employees and with the help of practice in different circumstances, I managed to have an understanding of the potential obstacles when scaling products and tackling them. It is very engrossing for me to work between challenges and solving problems, I have also a vested interest in analyzing complex technical and non-technical situations and finding the right solution for issues.

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    Building a Startup Within a Large Corporation

    27 January

    Pooria Kaviani, SVP at Cafe Bazaar, explains how he helped set up a small startup within the large corporation and why choosing a solid business model along with hiring the top talent yields the best results.

    Building A Team
    Company Culture
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