Pooja Brown

Pooja Brown

VP Engineering at Stitchfix

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Hi everyone! My name is Pooja Brown and I am currently VP Engineering at Stitchfix, where I lead a team of 120 people. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey, I'm available every Thursday at 3:30 PM (GMT)

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  June 11, 2020
  3:30 PM (GMT)

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Building Strong OKR’s
8 February

Still continually modifying the process, Pooja Brown, VP of engineering at Stichfix, highlights some of her best practices and advice for building OKR’s.

Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Pooja Brown

Pooja Brown

VP Engineering at Stitchfix

Using OKR Based Leadership to Empower Teams
6 February

Pooja Brown, VP of engineering at Stitch Fix, communicates why she believes teams who practice OKR’s, and do it well, are fundamentally creating empowered teams.

Product Team
Different Skillsets
Internal Communication
Pooja Brown

Pooja Brown

VP Engineering at Stitchfix

Bouncing Back From a Derailed Re-Platform
6 February

Pooja Brown, current VP of engineering at Stitch Fix, shares an experience in product re-platforming from her previous company, Docusign. There, she was able to route a messy, ever-increasing scope of experiences and product changes into a clean, company-wide re-platform of a technology transition that boasted an approved timeline.

Cross-functional collaboration
Conflict solving
Pooja Brown

Pooja Brown

VP Engineering at Stitchfix


Ask-Me-Anything with Pooja Brown

Stitch Fix's VP of Engineering, Pooja Brown, offers advice on how to manage in a remote world.

Pooja Brown
Building an Inclusive Engineering Culture
Pooja BrownJack DangerShivani Sharma


Building an Inclusive Engineering Culture

Hear from senior engineering leaders from Slack, Stitch Fix, and more to learn how they have built inclusive engineering cultures.

Shivani SharmaPooja BrownJack Danger


VP Platform Engineering

Stitch Fix

Jun 2019 - current

VP Engineering


Apr 2018 - May 2019

Lead Services Engineer

Jeteye Technologies

Jan 2006 - Oct 2006

Designed and co-authored REST/XML based protocol and service architecture. Developed web clients for the service including the main website and the plugins offered for Firefox and Yahoo. Managed an engineering team of 9 developers including offshore QA activity. Collaborated on product design and converted designs into development requirements.

Software Consultant

Embarcadero Technologies

Apr 2005 - Dec 2005

Ensured technical wins during sales cycle by performing product demonstrations and addressed pre and post sales questions to ensure customer satisfaction. Proof of concept with sales and product managers for specific customer environments. Custom-code enhancements to product for extended functionality.



May 2004 - Dec 2004

Designed and developed a service for testing incoming emails against anti-spam agents to provide acuurate infomation of delivery failure. Service implementation writtem in Java, website developed in C# (.NET) and MS-SQL backend.

Digital Librarian/Programmer

Internet Archive

Jan 2002 - Dec 2004

Supervised digital acquisition in India and Egypt for the Universal Digital Library Effort. Designed and installed print on demand stations in India and Uganda. Deployed and quality assured application for viewing digitized children books on the archive cluster. Developed a raw-to-Web digital content processing pipeline and wrote metadata management software for maintaining collection of scanned books.

Research Assistant

University of San Francisco

Sep 2003 - May 2004

Lead developer for Dr. David Wolber, Chair of Computer Science, USF. Built a desktop application, Webtop, for researchers to share web and document resources. Implemented SOAP style web-services for peers to communicate sharing messages. Created a metadata search system to query digital libraries like Internet Archive, Google and personal information space for users.

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