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Pedro Góes

Pedro Góes

CEO at InEvent

 LinkedIn profile


4 Years



Management Experience

Product Team
Dev Processes

Hi everyone! My name is Pedro Góes and I am currently CEO at InEvent, where I lead a team of 30 people. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey, I'm available every Friday at 8:00 PM (GMT)

Next time slot available
  September 25, 2020
  8:00 PM (GMT)


If the Personality Fits: How a Company can Boost New Hires’ Potential
12 November

Pedro approached the challenge of hiring very quickly with a high-standard, yet flexible approach that could meet new hires where they were at.

Cultural differences
Different Skillsets
Team processes
Pedro Góes

Pedro Góes

CEO at InEvent



Y Combinator

May 2019 - current

One of 10 entrepreneurs & companies selected to Y Combinator, the leading startup accelerator in the world, from more than 2000 companies in its history.

Chief Executive Officer

InEvent Inc

Mar 2019 - current

Leading global growth of the inevent.com platform in 15+ countries. Creating the next unicorn in the martech industry.


Tampa Bay Wave

Mar 2019 - current

Part of the Tech Diversity cohort, engaging and helping our Florida community.



Nov 2014 - current

Grew the company from a two-person team to a large team size. From 0 to 100+ clients. From 0 to 1 million recurrent revenue in 2 years. My work includes recruiting talented hard-working people, communicating the company strategy and closing major deals. I also provide product development and coding support.

Product Manager


Sep 2014 - Aug 2015

Is responsible for managing the company's product, from its interface up to its backend. Is the leading iOS developer, creating all integrations, UX flows and overall design.

Business Advisor


Jan 2013 - Sep 2014

Advisor at São Paulo's Junior Enterprises Federation, dealing with different partners across multiple business proposals. Raised our active prospections to more than 50k reais and sold 10k reais worth of partnerships.


Grupo Trilha

Aug 2012 - Dec 2014

Manages and prospects business opportunities that fits as potential tech companies. Already created more than 5 companies, impacted more than 50k users and sold over 150k worth of SaaS software.

Quality Analyst

EESC jr.

Mar 2012 - Dec 2012

Quality Analyst, contributing into several activities to the company development and participating on multiple events of the Junior Enterprise Movement (MEJ). Developed an unique online platform to manage attendance of its members; cut HR's operation times by 80%.


Account Premium

Jan 2008 - Aug 2010

Faster downloads for South American users from European CDN's. More than 100k users, traffic above 4.2TB/month on its peak (November/2009).


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