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Paulo Moncores

Paulo Moncores

Senior Engineering Manager at Shopify

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A results-focused, detail-oriented senior engineer leader with 10+ years of experience in all phases of the project design/development/deployment cycle including sales and client relationship, requirements definition, application architecture, team management, testing, deployment, and hosting. In recent years I have been working as a senior engineer leader for different kind and size of teams. I think the most valuable asset of the company is people. I am passionate about people interaction and behavior. I am focused on mentorship. I've experience hiring people, coaching people and teams, helping teams to make good decisions, empower people to be engaged to challenges, empower teams to have more autonomy in their daily basis. Before solving the problem rightly, I believe in solving the right problem. I worked in multiple proofs of concepts, experiments for product and pilots. I’m experienced in setting sensible and effective Engineering and Product processes. I’ve built, managed and mentored product teams with different missions and sizes.

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Computer Software
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Avoiding Hard Conversations

30 October

Paulo Moncores, Senior Engineering Manager at Shopify, discusses why you shouldn’t avoid hard conversations and what role culture plays in handling them.

Internal Communication
Cultural Differences
Coaching for Compassion

30 October

Paulo Moncores, Senior Engineering Manager at Shopify, explains the difference between motivation and inspiration and how a great manager should run their one-on-ones to inspire, not motivate, their reports.

Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Enemies of Growth

30 October

Paulo Moncores, Senior Engineering Manager at Shopify, identifies four main enemies of growth that should be fixed before rushing to hire more people.

Managing Expectations
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Team Processes
How to Be a Great Leader in Times of Crises

30 October

Paulo Moncores, Senior Engineering Manager at Shopify, reflects on the crises unleashed by the outbreak of Covid-19 and offers his take on what a great leader should do in times like these.

Internal Communication
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