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Paul Mason

Paul Mason

CTO at Human Interest

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Hello 👋

Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hello everyone! I’m Paul Mason and am currently the CTO of Human Interest. We’re a small fintech startup in the 401(k) space that is currently entering the “growth phase”. Before Human Interest, I was the VP Engineering at Xero and helped grow the SF and Canberra teams collectively from 45 to 85 people - so all in all, I’m very happy to be given a chance to do this again. I’m an avid fan of Rust and have been involved with that community for many years now. Since I don’t get to code at work, in my spare time I maintain an open source Decimal library (written in Rust) which helps keep my coding skills sharp. Very excited to be part of this community and help out others where I can!

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    Receiving Anonymous Feedback from Your Team

    22 May

    Paul Mason demonstrates how anonymous feedback can ease the tension created by stress at the office.

    Health / Stress / Burn-Out
    Internal Communication
    Maintaining Company Culture with Your Remote Teams

    22 May

    Paul Mason shares the different methods he uses to preserve and cultivate company culture within an organization that has remote teams.

    Company Culture
    Cultural Differences
    Internal Communication
    Reorganizing Your Teams According to Function

    22 May

    Paul Mason describes his experience of scaling and reorganizing growing multi-country teams across an organization.

    QA Team
    Scaling Team
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