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Product manager that loves to create amazing user experiences. Strategically minded, highly adaptable, and focused on attaining results regardless of company size. Able to effectively analyze and empathize to create compelling solutions that delight users. Globally minded with cross-functional, cross-regional/cultural problem solving capabilities from extensive international experience: worked in USA, China, Thailand and Korea; lived in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar. Experience working in government, non-profit, startups and large multinational organizations. Specialties: • Product Management • Partnerships • Strategic Partnership Management & Expansion • User Research • Market Research & Analysis • Strategic Planning & Execution • New Business Development/Incubation • New Concept Development • Data Analysis • Digital advertising • Multicultural Environments

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How to Improve Collaboration Between Different Stakeholders

30 October

Patrick Chen, Lead Product Manager at Next Insurance, explains how he managed to improve collaboration between Product and other stakeholders by applying a holistic and inclusive approach.

The Importance of Cultural Differences in Product Design

30 October

Patrick Chen, Lead Product Manager at Next Insurance, recollects how his rich international experience helped him create a better, culturally-adapted product.

Cultural Differences
Not Taking the Initiative

30 October

Patrick Chen, Lead Product Manager at Next Insurance, recalls how he let someone else make product decisions and how he managed to mend his initial mistake.

Managing Expectations
Product Team
Handling Promotion
Pivoting From a Utility to Entertainment App

30 October

Patrick Chen, Lead Product Manager at Next Insurance, shares how he successfully convinced the company’s leadership to pivot from being a utility app to becoming a high engaging entertainment app.

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