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Pascal Corpet

Pascal Corpet

CTO at Bayes

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12 Years



Management Experience

Scaling Team

Hi all, I'm Pascal Corpet, CTO of Bayes Impact, a non-profit startup helping underserved people using technology. I'm based in Lyon, France. Prior to that I worked as a Tech Lead Manager for few years at Google Maps in Zurich. I'm a big fan of personal development and personal mentorship.

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  December 1, 2020
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Overcoming an engineer’s temper
6 December

Pascal Corpet talks about how he helped an engineer to overcome his anger issues, so he could improve his performance.

Conflict solving
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Toxic employee
Pascal Corpet

Pascal Corpet

CTO at Bayes

Growing engineers into managers
6 December

Pascal Corpet discusses what he’s learned about the different paths engineers follow when they transition to a managerial role.

Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Career Path
Pascal Corpet

Pascal Corpet

CTO at Bayes


IT Engineer

Ministère de la Défense

Jul 2006 - Dec 2009

Tech Lead Manager


Dec 2010 - Oct 2015

Staff Software Engineer - May 2014 Senior Software Engineer - May 2012 I worked as an engineer (top contributors in # of commits for 2015), Technical Lead & Technical Lead Manager in different roles. I worked mostly on Geo projects (Google Maps, Earth & others): \- Geo Consumer Analytics \- User Privacy in Geo Products \- Improving Geo data in Emerging Markets

Team manager

Ministère de la Défense

Dec 2009 - Dec 2010

Co-Founder CTO

Bayes Impact

Mar 2016 - current

I am the CTO of Bayes Impact France. We are working on Bob Emploi, a product to fight unemployment with data and new technologies. We are a small team (5 tech + 4 others) but we want to have a huge impact.

3D Graphics Software Engineer Intern


Jul 2005 - Jan 2006

Intern - 3D Graphics Software development engineer. Development in C++ for Carrara 5 and 6. Created: particles system, replicators Modified: plants, 3DS export/import

Web developer


Apr 2004 - Dec 2005

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