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Nishant Pathak

Founder | Entrepreneur at Stealth Startup

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    Hello Everyone, I'm Nishant! currently working as an engineering manager at Rubrik. I Experienced Engineering Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. I’ve been a developer, CTO, engineering manager over my career. My sweet spot is growth-stage startups, where I like to be among the first 70 employees and help the company scale. My domain expertise is in enterprise SaaS software, mobile apps, b2b2c, and maintaining equanimity and a sense of humor through the ups and downs of rapid growth. I am passionate about helping others channel their cross-industry experiences into being an effective Engineer and leader. I thrive on effective communication, organization, and collaboration. Excited to be connected with you all!

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    5 Years


    Manager of ICs


    Cloud Services
    Computer Software
    Financial Services / Fintech

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