Nirmala Tatikonda

Nirmala Tatikonda

Software Development Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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I am passionate about leading teams to achieve business objectives rapidly by keeping teams focused and driven. I have 15 years of experience in building software solutions in different roles using multiple technologies and now building solutions in AWS cloud. I am very proficient in understanding business processes and driving software solutions to accomplish a lean and agile organization. My key strength is in blending project management skills & leadership with software development. I am passionate about growth mindset and continuously seeking opportunities to innovate at various levels across the organization. I am also passionate about supporting technical initiatives for women at workplace.

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Manager of ICs


Cloud Services
Electronics & Semiconductors
Computer Software
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Career Courage - Key to Career Progression

15 March

Nirmala Tatikonda, Senior Engineering Manager at GoDaddy, shares her take on progressing with her career when she felt stuck in her professional life.

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