Nimrod Perez

Nimrod Perez

VP of Engineering at Wobi LTD.

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    I am an experienced, results-oriented leader and manager. My specialty is in leading R&D organizations towards achieving their goals on time, as designed, in high quality while keeping morale high. I have over ten years of leading and managing different engineering teams of various business domains. I have led many different organizations, including working both in startups and enterprises, in which we have created new products from scratch and supported legacy products. I take great joy in empowering the people I work with and growing successful, professional, and winning organizations. Specialties: Leadership, Cloud Migration projects, Change Management, Architecture, Development Processes, Teambuilding, Coaching and mentoring, Project Management.

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    How to Be a Better Manager

    16 November

    Nimrod Perez, CTO and VP of Engineering at Wobi LTD., recalls how he, over the years, was learning and adjusting his approach to become a better manager and successful leader.

    Career Growth
    An Egalitarian Approach to a Disportionate Workload

    16 November

    Nimrod Perez, CTO and VP of Engineering at Wobi LTD., explains how he solved a long-troubling problem of disproportionate workload by his simple and egalitarian approach.

    Conflict Resolution
    Internal Process Optimization
    Change Management: Rebuilding from scratch

    17 November

    Nimrod Perez, CTO and VP of Engineering at Wobi LTD., shares how he successfully implemented a number of changes, including re-writing the entire system, to help the organization accomplish its goals.

    Building and Scaling Teams
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