Nikkho Shandittha

Nikkho Shandittha

SVP of Product at Amartha

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With a background in technology and product development, I am a highly experienced executive with a track record of driving innovation and growth. I am skilled in developing and executing strategic plans and have a passion for building and leading high-performing teams. I am excited to join an organization that values collaboration and continuous improvement and am committed to driving positive results for all stakeholders.

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Changing Brand Perception

25 October

Nikkho Shandittha, SVP of Product at Amartha, shares how he changed the way customers viewed his company through strategic decisions.

User Feedback
Working with Product Teams
Strategy and Vision
What to Do When You Don't Have a Product Vision

25 October

Nikkho Shandittha, SVP of Product at Amartha, highlights how creating a product vision can help prioritize and make better decisions for the near future.

Working with Product Teams
Strategy and Vision
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