Nicolas Bonnet

Nicolas Bonnet

Sr Director Product Management & Data Science at Autodesk

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Hi everyone, My name is Nicolas Bonnet, I am currently a Senior Director of Data Science at Autodesk, where I lead a data transformation team of product managers, software engineers and data scientists working with product development teams across Autodesk. Our current focus is to build ML based recommendation engines delivering personalized in-product insights to Autodesk’s product end-users to help them achieve high proficiency with our advanced design products.

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Turning Product Usage Data Into User Features

9 March

Nicolas Bonnet, Sr Director of Product Analytics at Autodesk, explains how to build a platform to master the power of product usage data to improve your products

User Feedback
Working with Product Teams
Where is your True North Star?

2 April

Nicolas Bonnet, former Head of Product and Data Science at Branch, suggests establishing OKRs and goals for your team that are aligned with the value of the product as perceived by the user.

Working with Product Teams
Team Management
Strategy and Vision
Proactive Alerting System

2 April

Nicolas Bonnet, Former Head of Product and Data Science at Branch, explains why and how he built a system that allows the product team to be aware of problems before the customer does.

Engineering Processes
User Feedback
Working with Product Teams
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