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Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell

Head of Platform Engineering at Valley National Bank

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  • Friday 24th Dec7:30 PM (GMT)

Hello everyone, looking forward to being a part of this exciting group. My name is Neil Mitchell. I am the Head of Platform Engineering at Valley National Bank - a large community bank based in NJ/NY/FL/AL. I have 20+ years of engineering and leadership experience in established and startup companies. Being an engineer I love the "How" of building great products, but I deeply appreciate the importance of getting the "What and Why" right. In my spare time, I love sampling the craft beers of NY/NJ and the USA, traveling, and cycling. I'm looking forward to helping others out there grow and learn from this fantastic idea of sharing talent, knowledge, and experience.

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Engineering Teams and Code Ownership: Take a Step Back and Think About the Big Picture

8 May

Neil Mitchell, the Director of Engineering at Buzz Points, shares the philosophy around ownership principles that helped elevate his local and remote teams’ working styles.

Internal Communication
Sharing The Vision
Team Processes
Growing Your Engineering Team: Creative Alternatives to Traditional Outsourcing

15 May

Neil Mitchell, Director of Engineering at Buzz Points, discusses the challenges of augmenting an existing team by using a supplier/partner model of outsourcing.

Scaling Team
Building A Team
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