Naveen Veeravalli

Naveen Veeravalli

Engineering Manager at Uber

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    I’m an engineering leader with over 14 years of experience building large distributed systems and launching new products to the market in both enterprise and consumer space. I get energized by solving problems and deploying solutions at planet scale. I take pride in scaling teams and growing individuals in a sustainable manner. I currently work at Uber where I manage multiple mission critical teams in the Maps and Marketplace organizations. I have led every aspect of the software development cycle from design, architecture and coding through testing, release and deployment to a cloud infrastructure. I was lucky to have great mentors throughout my career who helped me and advocated for my growth. I am here to meet other engineering leaders, give back to the community and learn from their experiences.

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    A Lack of Clear Vision and the Team Morale

    29 January

    Naveen Veeravalli, Engineering Manager at Uber, discusses how a lack of clear product vision impacted the morale of his team and shares what he did to improve their engagement.

    Sharing The Vision
    Restructuring a Team: How to Enhance Accountability and Ownership

    29 January

    Naveen Veeravalli, Engineering Manager at Uber, shares how he successfully planned and executed a team restructure that enhanced his team’s accountability and ownership.

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