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Narbeh Mirzaei

VP of Engineering at Layer

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I’m a passionate technologist and futurist with 10+ years of experience in building value-driven engineering teams and scalable software solutions for consumer startups. I have domain expertise in subscription services, e-commerce, hospitality and travel industries. I'm fascinated by biotechnology, particularly the intersection of biology and computer science 🧎I also like to study the application of AI, blockchain and quantum computing to computer science problems ðŸĪ–🌍ðŸ§Đ On the side, I like to read about rockets and space exploration, clean energy, economics and ancient greek philosophy. 🛰🚀🔋ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸ’ŧ🔑 I work with Javascript, Swift, Go, Haskell, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, K8s, AWS The boy scout rule is my north star in life. Everyday I try to make the world a better place than I found it.

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Eight Proven Tactics for Salary Negotiations

28 October

Narbeh Mirzaei, Associate Director of Engineering at HelloFresh, outlines eight proven tactics that will make your salary negotiation truly successful.

Salary / Work Conditions
From a Dysfunctional Group to a High Performing Team

28 October

Narbeh Mirzaei, Associate Director of Engineering at HelloFresh, recalls how he transformed a dysfunctional group of siloed individuals into a high performing team.

Team Processes
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