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Murali Bala

Murali Bala

Software Engineering Leader at amazon

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  • Tuesday 21st Dec10:30 PM (GMT)

Engineering Executive and Cloud Architect with expertise in Product Design, Software Architecture, and Cloud Technology who leads engineering teams to maximize productivity and foster a culture of innovation. 18+ years designing and optimizing quality, resilient, creative, scalable cloud systems and software products. Focus Areas: Design and lead resilient, scalable software solutions; Build rapid prototypes for new products and capabilities; Manage project planning, risk identification, contingency planning, and product delivery; Lead and mentor Agile teams, and improve division engagement, health, and satisfaction.

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19 Years


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Financial Services / Fintech
Cloud Services
Computer Software

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Why Psychological Safety Is More Important Than Ever During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

30 June

Murali Bala, Director, Software Engineering at Capital One, discusses the importance of psychological safety emphasizing its unparalleled significance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Feelings Aside
Company Culture
Internal Communication
Team Reaction
Start With the Customer and Work Backwards

30 June

Murali Bala, Director, Software Engineering at Capital One, shares his experience of building a guest relationship management tool by embracing the customer-first mindset and working backward.

How to Identify Root Cause of an Application Failure

1 September

Murali Bala, Director, Software Engineering at Capital One, outlines how he applied a root cause analysis to fix a recurring outage of their website.

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Director of Engineering @ Capital One

Capital One

Aug 2018 - Jan 2021

• Head of software engineering agile teams for US Card Upmarket - Customer Management & Multi-user segment of business generating over 9+ Billion USD in revenue and is instrumental in contributing over 7 billion USD in overall credit exposure. • Recruit, build, and mentor full-stack engineering teams: training, engagement, and targeted development plans. • Manage and optimize operational efficiency and costs, while reducing technical debt and improving cloud security. • Partner with product owners and engineers to prioritize features for product and engineering roadmaps. • Filed 8 patents in first year with 4 approved by USPTO and 4 in-flight. • Collaborate with security team, tech leads and engineers designing and architecting applications and upgrades. • Threat Model champion, helping teams identify potential security threats to their systems or services.

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