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Murali Bala

Software Engineering Leader at amazon

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Engineering Executive and Cloud Architect with expertise in Product Design, Software Architecture, and Cloud Technology who leads engineering teams to maximize productivity and foster a culture of innovation. 18+ years designing and optimizing quality, resilient, creative, scalable cloud systems and software products. Focus Areas: Design and lead resilient, scalable software solutions; Build rapid prototypes for new products and capabilities; Manage project planning, risk identification, contingency planning, and product delivery; Lead and mentor Agile teams, and improve division engagement, health, and satisfaction.

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Why Psychological Safety Is More Important Than Ever During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

30 June

Murali Bala, Director, Software Engineering at Capital One, discusses the importance of psychological safety emphasizing its unparalleled significance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Communication and Collaboration
Conflict Resolution
Team Management
Working and Leading Remote Teams
Start With the Customer and Work Backwards

30 June

Murali Bala, Director, Software Engineering at Capital One, shares his experience of building a guest relationship management tool by embracing the customer-first mindset and working backward.

User Feedback
Working with Product Teams
How to Identify Root Cause of an Application Failure

1 September

Murali Bala, Director, Software Engineering at Capital One, outlines how he applied a root cause analysis to fix a recurring outage of their website.

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Software Engineering Leader

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Jan 2021 - current

Contributed to AWS Global Expansion by leading teams for AWS Region Services Org. We owns a critical platform that automates and orchestrates service builds in all existing and new Regions, Availability Zones, and Local Zones. Our vision is to fully automate and enable zero-touch AWS Region builds thereby reducing the time it takes to build a region and freeing engineers to focus on building new services and capabilities.

Director of Engineering @ Capital One

Capital One

Aug 2018 - Jan 2021

• Head of software engineering agile teams for US Card Upmarket - Customer Management & Multi-user segment of business generating over 9+ Billion USD in revenue and is instrumental in contributing over 7 billion USD in overall credit exposure. • Recruit, build, and mentor full-stack engineering teams: training, engagement, and targeted development plans. • Manage and optimize operational efficiency and costs, while reducing technical debt and improving cloud security. • Partner with product owners and engineers to prioritize features for product and engineering roadmaps. • Filed 8 patents in first year with 4 approved by USPTO and 4 in-flight. • Collaborate with security team, tech leads and engineers designing and architecting applications and upgrades. • Threat Model champion, helping teams identify potential security threats to their systems or services.

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