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Michael McNally

Chief Technology Officeer at GraphStax

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Michael McNally has over a decade of experience leading anti-fraud, spam, and abuse efforts to protect businesses like Google and Facebook. At Facebook, he served as the Director of Engineering of News Feed Integrity, addressing misinformation (“fake news”), adversarial exploitation of feed ranking, and negative user experiences. Prior to that he led the fight against ad fraud at Google, as the Director of Software Engineering: Ad Traffic Quality and Publisher Quality. Michael served two years as CTO at HUMAN (humansecurity.com) where he oversaw research and development for detection and mitigation of fraudulent and abusive activity affecting enterprise clients, and development of Threat Intelligence services. Michael is now CTO of Graphstax, a stealth-mode startup focusing on a next-generation artificial intelligence platform. With 15 years at tech giants, plus 4 startup experiences, Michael can mentor across a diverse range of challenges engineers, managers and research scientists face.

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Starting a Ph.D. level career in AI/ML

7 December

What advice would you have for someone in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science to have a successful career in industry, if they are just getting started post-Ph.D.? Since I’ve been a manager at tech companies for 15 years, I’ve been asked similar questions a lot.

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Facebook vs. Google: 10 Contrasts for Engineering Careers

7 December

This is a brief comparison and contrast of Google and Facebook, as a place for one’s software engineering career. Both can be amazingly good places for engineering careers. But both places can be misfits for otherwise excellent engineers. This is a short differential guide. [Originally on LinkedIn]

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