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Melby Mathew

Melby Mathew

Engineering manager at LinkedIn

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  • Tuesday 21st Dec1:00 AM (GMT)

Hi Everyone! I am Melby Mathew, currently working in LinkedIn leading couple teams here on the Trust domain, I have overall 15+ years of software engineering experience and have about 5+ years of engineering management experience. Over those years have made few mistakes and learnt a lot and improved on them too. More than happy to share my thoughts and learning with anyone looking for the same.

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5 Years


Manager of ICs


Cloud Services
Real Estate
Computer Software

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Handling Strong Personalities on the Team

12 August

Melby Mathew, Engineering Manager at LinkedIn, shares how he handled a dominant and vocal senior engineer by asking him to support his proposals with quantifiable data.

Managing Expectations
Company Culture
Setting the Right OKRs With Your Team

12 August

Melby Mathew, Engineering Manager at LinkedIn, explains why the collaborative goal-setting yields the best results and how that helped his team improve their performance beyond expected.

Goal Setting
Improving an Underperforming Team by Instilling in Them a Sense of Ownership

12 August

Melby Mathew, Engineering Manager at LinkedIn, discusses how he improved a team’s poor performance by instilling in them a sense of ownership and strengthening individual competencies.

Deciding If a Management Is the Right Career Path for You

12 August

Melby Mathew, Engineering Manager at LinkedIn, recalls what made him decide to choose a management career path and how he still gets to stay technical.

Career Path
New Manager
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Software Engineering Manager


Feb 2020 - current

Leading the settings & equity teams in LinkedIn

Software Engineering Manager


Jul 2018 - Feb 2020

Lead the SEO team in Zillow and also started a Zillow Closing Services team to handle Zillow's home buying business.

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