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Meena Rajvaidya

Meena Rajvaidya

Sr. Engineering Manager at Cisco

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  • Friday 26th Nov7:00 PM (GMT)

Experienced software engineering leader, in senior management and technical leadership role. I have demonstrated skills in establishing engineering practices aligned with business goals and building/leading successful engineering teams. I am passionate about building simple and usable products that deliver the best customer experience. Some of my key expertise are: • Experienced in hiring, mentoring, and management of large geographically distributed engineering teams. • Define and advocate an engineering value system that promotes building customer-centric products with quality. • Plan prioritize multiple projects aligned to market and customer priorities using agile methodologies. • Track all customer found issues, perform root cause analysis, and refine engineering processes to improve product quality.

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6 Years


Manager of ICs


Computer Software

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How to Stay Connected With a Team in the Corona Times

10 June

Meena Rajvaidya, Sr Engineering Manager at Cisco, details how to stay connected with your team, keep them motivated and engaged, a year into the pandemic, and the migration to remote working.

Internal Communication
Psychological Safety
Team Processes
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