Maxime Fouilleul

Maxime Fouilleul

Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar

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Engineering Manager since 2014 for BlaBlaCar, one of most ambitious european unicorn "We bring freedom, fairness and fraternity to the world of travel". Leading talented Site Reliability Engineers responsible for BlaBlaCar databases is a daily challenge, it is all about finding the right balances: between consolidation and innovation to keep the team energy at a constant high, between designing and delivering a vision to acquire inner and outer "buy-in", between letting engineers grow in autonomy and helping them from your experiences... At BlaBlaCar we have a value called "Share More Learn More" and I was always grateful to find leaders and mentors to help me unlock many doors. It is now the moment to dedicate a bit of my time for others!

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Engineering Manager @ Database Reliability Engineering


Oct 2014 - current

The Database Reliability Engineering Team (DBRE) team is part of the Foundations Team, "We provide reliable services and expertise that enable BlaBlaCar engineers to master their databases at scale in an easy and safe way." We describe our team mission with three pillars: * Create great services: Design, build and propose database-related services with obsession set on reliability and user's autonomy. * Share expertise: Promote best practices and solutions through open-minded and attractive communications. * Keep systems up and safe: Collaborate with software engineers in building standards to fulfill BlaBlaCar's ambitions on reliability, performance, and compliance domains.

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