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Matthew Fornaciari

Matthew Fornaciari

CTO at Gremlin

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Hello 👋

Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    This document is my attempt to capture how best to work with me. I imagine it will undergo a multitude of changes as the years pass and it should be considered a work in progress, much like myself. A few things before I begin: I go by Forni. In all honesty, I can't recall the origin of the nickname, but it sure stuck. I've been accurately described as an introvert masquerading as an extrovert. I try to be as open and transparent as humanly possible and appreciate those who reciprocate. I'm big on feedback and ask that you provide it early and often. I will be. I appreciate a sense of humor so long as it comes with an understanding of when to be serious. I've been described as slow to "warm up" to new people. Be assured that I genuinely love people but sometimes need some time to acclimate to new personalities. I measure my life in terms of the relationships I’ve fostered and hope to spend quality time getting to know everyone I work with, regardless of role. I find peace in the outdoors and regularly completely disconnect. I use the 24-hour clock. It can be confusing, I know and I'm sorry.

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