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Matthew Clower

Matthew Clower

Chief Software Architect at WePay

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17 Years



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I am a long time technology executive with experience from initial, day one, startups to growing technology organizations into the hundreds. I have a strong foundation in technology architecture, security, compliance and trust and safety. You can read about my passion for culture and growing the careers of software engineers here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/investing-engineering-matthew-clower/.

Hey, I'm available every Friday at 8:00 PM (GMT)

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  October 9, 2020
  8:00 PM (GMT)


Chief Software Architect


May 2013 - current

Chief Technology Officer


Jun 2006 - Oct 2012

Responsibilities: • Create architectural infrastructures and technological visions from business objectives • Balance and communicate trade-offs between business and technological needs to executive teams • Perform technological risk assessment and resolution • Implement prototypes and proofs of concept that validate technological roadmap and means • Design and implement core technologies then present IP to investors and business partners • Manage development groups during the ongoing development of software and online services Achievements: • Strategized with Fenwick & West to maximize patent coverage • Authored technical documentation for provisional and utility patents • Awarded a patent for a network technology invented to satisfy business needs • Engineered peer-to-peer client/server applications in C++ and PHP for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux • Implemented and maintained normalized MySQL database housing millions of rows • Co-developed Cloud Fusion PHP Interface for AWS

Independent Consultant, Volunteer

UCSF Brain Tumor Research Center

Oct 2005 - Nov 2005

Responsibilities: • Design and implement C++/Win32 based software to automate processes and produce HTML reports Achievements: • Automated analysis of nucleotide sequences resulting in a productivity gain of over 2 orders of magnitude

Lead Software Engineer, Lead Automation Engineer, Lead Test Architect

Software Development Technologies

Nov 2002 - Mar 2006

Responsibilities: • Manage ongoing development of core software with R&D in Hyderabad, India • Provide onsite/offsite development, support and training to clients’ test centers across the country (PepsiCo, WellPoint Health Systems, CalPERS, FedEx, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Southwest Airlines, etc.) • Implement custom software solutions to satisfy the requirements of clients’ test centers • Construct test infrastructures and train test teams for clients world-wide • Build technical documentation and coursework for core software and test methodologies Achievements: • Created WinRunner APIs in C/C++ from TSL code reducing maintenance and increasing productivity • Integrated customized software with TestQuest, TestDirector, WinRunner, QTP/QC for PepsiCo • Engineered network-driven infrastructure to test proprietary handheld devices using TestQuest and C++ • Reengineered test center at CalPERS increasing productivity over 500%

Integrated Systems Security Officer

United States Army

Sep 1998 - Sep 2002

Responsibilities: • Advise CID on computer security and cryptography • Maintain computer systems, security and software


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