Matt Nemenman

Matt Nemenman

Director of Engineering at Lyft

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Hi everyone! My name is Matt Nemenman and I am an engineering director at Lyft working on Autonomous Infrastructure and Open Platform. I split my time between San Francisco (where I live) and Palo Alto (where Lyft Level 5 is). I joined Lyft because I was looking for a highly technical project with a great social impact -- there is nothing that fits that description better than autonomous driving. Every time I change companies I tend to go for something new: ad tech, search engines, 3D animation, real estate tech, and now the future of transportation. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Every Management Challenge Is Also A Growth Opportunity For Someone
29 April

Matt Nemenman, Director of Engineering at Lyft, shares his story about how he dealt with being short a manager on his team and how he had to shift his team organization to solve the problem. His story demonstrates that when things go wrong the best approach, sometimes, is to start from scratch.

Handling Promotion
Building a Team
Matt Nemenman

Matt Nemenman

Director of Engineering at Lyft

How Metrics Can Help to “Disagree and Commit”
31 March

Matt Nemenman, Director of Engineering at Lyft, shares how he relied on data to introduce strategic changes that challenged the company status quo.

Company Culture
Sharing the vision
Matt Nemenman

Matt Nemenman

Director of Engineering at Lyft

Designing the Performance Review Process for a Startup
31 March

Matt Nemenman, Director of Engineering at Lyft, shares his experience of designing the performance review process accentuating the importance of frequency and giving feedback.

Managing Expectations
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Matt Nemenman

Matt Nemenman

Director of Engineering at Lyft


Director of Engineering, Autonomous Infrastructure


Jan 2018 - current

Level 5 is Lyft’s self-driving division with offices in Palo Alto, California; Munich, Germany; and London, UK. Our mission is to build the leading self-driving system for ridesharing. Together, with electric vehicles and Lyft Shared rides, autonomous vehicles will save millions of lives globally, eliminate congestion, reduce emissions, and allow us to rebuild cities around people and not cars.

VP of Engineering and CTO

Apartment List

Jan 2013 - Jan 2017

As part of the executive team, led engineering execution and defined company strategic vision. Scaled the engineering organization and technology from pre product/market fit phase to rapid growth phase. Helped bootstrap product management and analytics teams. Spearheaded several company-wide initiatives, including employee performance management process. Built and ran a lean, high-performing, and diverse team of software developers. Hired 35+ software engineers and managers. Created a culture of mentorship, coaching, and professional growth, leading to record low attrition and high engagement. Established results-oriented development process with the help of detailed product roadmap, continuous deployment, real time analytics, A/B testing, technical debt management, code reviews, and test automation. Re-organized engineering for closer alignment with product and business goals, introducing full stack feature teams.  Provided technical oversight over entire stack, including services architecture (AWS, Kinesis, Heroku), web development (Rails, React), iOS and Android apps (Swift, Kotlin, ReactiveX), backend core (Ruby/Rails, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Elixir/Phoenix), and data analytics (Redshift, Airflow). Led architecture reviews and evaluation of new technologies, made build vs. buy decisions, and managed vendor relationships.

VP of Engineering

Vertical Brands, Inc.

Jan 2011 - Jan 2013

Ran an engineering team responsible for launch and operation several high traffic meta-search sites, including (raised Series A as Apartment List, Inc.), (sold), and (spinned-off and is now operating as a standalone company).

Director of Engineering

Mixamo (acquired by Adobe)

Jan 2008 - Jan 2010

Headed entire Mixamo software engineering team, including web development, backend, quality assurance, and production operations. As part of the team, built Mixamo online offering from ground up: starting from initial concept on white board to production launch and beyond.

Software Engineer

Inktomi Corporation (acquired by Yahoo!)

Jan 2002 - Jan 2003

Worked in web search division working on various crawling, indexing and content acquisition problems (C++/Perl, Solaris/Linux). Became an in house expert on handling of paid content in Inktomi search engine. Paid Inclusion program was instrumental in Inktomi acquisition by Yahoo!.

Sr. Sofware Engineer

Cogit Corporation

Jan 1998 - Jan 2001

As part of a team of three engineers, designed and implemented server side of Cogit web analytics product. Over time assumed technical leadership of back-end subsystem. Performed UNIX system and network development using C++. Worked with databases, caches, analytics, build systems, and distributed performance testing tools.

Software Developer Internship


Jan 1994 - Jan 1997

Developed internal tools to increase productivity of Engineering and QA organizations.

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