Mary Lauran Hall

Mary Lauran Hall

Senior Product Manager at Kevel

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Customer-centric product leader chasing insights from continuous discovery, trained in the Marty Cagan school of modern product management. Systems thinker who excels at navigating obstacles between a smart team and their mission. Master coordinator between business leaders and technical builders. Ensurer of visionary plans and smooth delivery, from discovery to specification, testing, and release. Bearer of an exceptional telescoping focus. You'll find me regularly context-switching between the big picture and the details.

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Validating a Big Product Bet

31 August

MaryLauran Hall, Senior Product Manager at Kevel, outlines -- step by step -- what it takes to validate a big product idea.

Team Processes
Building a Functionality-Rich Product From Scratch

31 August

MaryLauran Hall, Senior Product Manager at Kevel, describes how to approach building a brand new product with multiple functionalities by starting small and expanding piece by piece.

Managing Expectations
Navigating Through a Meandering Career

31 August

MaryLauran Hall, Senior Product Manager at Kevel, makes a compelling case for understanding a career path as a myriad of unfolding opportunities and questions to be explored, as an alternative to thinking of your work life as a roadmap you can plan.

Personal Growth
Career Path
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