Mariano Ravinale

Mariano Ravinale

Engineering Manager at ElectroNeek

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In the last 15 years, I have helped grow and scale a total of 24 companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and I have led 17 projects successfully out of a total of 32 in which I have participated. ► But it was not an easy journey... I had to reinvent myself over time to face the different challenges... 👨🏼‍🎓 I thought that formal education and developing myself technically was the only thing I needed to have the life I wanted. ► I spent countless hours learning about all the techniques and best practices of my profession. ❓ Over time, I felt that something was missing. Technical knowledge wasn't enough to protect my team from excessive workload, tight schedules, or rework. ► I started to see that all the challenges I faced had a solution generating synergy in the team and setting expectations with stakeholders. 📚 I deepened my knowledge of personal development, management, and coaching. ► I observed how my conversations with myself and others began to generate changes, and I started to get leadership role offers. ► This process helped me take responsibility and thus empowered me to generate the transformation that I needed. ✨ As a result, I improved my listening and communication skills, allowing me to accompany and empower my teams and clients better, thus improving my family's quality of life. Languages: Spanish/English. I'm looking for tech leads and/or Individual contributors that want to grow their career path.

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6 Years


Manager of ICs


Financial Services / Fintech
Electronics & Semiconductors
Cloud Services
Consumer Services
Computer Software

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