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Marco Sgrignuoli

Marco Sgrignuoli

Engineering Manager at Eaze

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hey everyone, I'm Marco, Eng Manager at Eaze. Originally from Italy, I now live in San Francisco. For most of my professional career I've been a Front End SW eng and transitioned to management ~2.5 years ago. I currently lead 11 engineers in the Consumer Team, dealing with problems like: scaling the team, hire/promote other managers, org restructure and growing as a manager myself. In my spare time I like cooking, traveling (especially motorcycle roadtrips) and get my hands dirty with small woodworking projects. I've been a mentee for a long time and I'm very excited to join the mentors' club!

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    Manager of ICs

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    What to Expect When Transitioning From an Individual Contributor to a Manager

    11 June

    Marco Sgrignuoli, Director of Engineering at Eaze, speaks on his experience of transitioning from an individual contributor (IC) to a manager providing an honest account of difficulties he faced during that process.

    Personal Growth
    New Manager
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