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Mala Munisamy

Director of Engineering at Tatari

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Hi, Great to meet you!!. I am Mala, the Director of Engineering at Tatari, a data & analytics company focused on buying and measuring ads across linear and streaming TV. Mala is responsible for leading and growing Tatari’s measurement engineering and building the measurement platform for Tatari’s customers. Mala had held executive engineering leadership roles in growth start-ups before Tatari and had engineering leadership roles at Microsoft and Amazon. Her passion is in Big data and building large-scale software systems & platforms. She believes big data and AI can improve human life and works on tinkering with AI projects in her free time. As a leader, I create a collaborative, conducive, and psychologically safe environment for my teams to do their best. I believe passion, commitment, and perseverance are essential elements of success. I believe in lifelong learning and having a growth mindset. Outside of work, I am an avid reader ( recent interests are in neuroplasticity, genetics, and philosophy ), follow Dalai lama’s principles, and work on being present & happy & finding purpose in life ( still WIP). Unique skills: 1. Building diverse, high-performing teams from the ground up, including hiring and developing teams. 2. Scaling the org ( 400% in 1-2 years), technology & product offering. 3. Building and delivering on strategic technical/product roadmap with more excellent execution and ROI. 4. Experience advising start-ups 5. Building large-scale SaaS and data solutions 8. Experience leading product development, platform, DevOps, QA, and support teams 9. Strong project management skills I am invested in growing other women & underrepresented communities in leadership and tech roles and paying it forward. I enjoy coaching & developing individuals to their full potential and hope to inspire them. I can’t wait to meet you and have an impact on your career & life, and I hope to learn from you as well.

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