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Lucas Smolic

Lucas Smolic

CEO, CTO at Gan Bei Group

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10 Years



Hi everyone! My name is Lucas Smolic and I am a Consulting CTO, currently working with Lemonlight to optimize video production. I've been honored to work with thousands of incredible people in my career and spent every day trying to be a more empathetic leader who helps connect individual career goals with the company mission. Looking forward to meeting you and learning from each other!

Lucas is not available in the next 4 weeks.


The Important Role Of Team Diversity
14 May

Lucas Smolic explains how useful having a really diverse team can be in coming up with new ideas and developing a positive team culture.

Company Culture
Cultural differences
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Lucas Smolic

Lucas Smolic

CEO, CTO at Gan Bei Group

Value Propositions For Employees Seeking A Raise
14 May

Lucas Smolic explains how he used value propositions to explain to an underperforming employee why they needed to up their game before they could receive a raise.

Career Path
Salary / Work Conditions
Handling Promotion
Managing Expectations
Lucas Smolic

Lucas Smolic

CEO, CTO at Gan Bei Group




Aug 2019 - current

Building a market network that brings high quality video production to the masses and uses technology to streamline the complex and fast changing aspects of the multibillion dollar industry. Trusted by Amazon, Facebook, Pizza Hut, Cinnabon, TripAdvisor, and hundreds more, Lemonlight is making it possible for anyone's business to shine brightly without signing an expensive 2 year contract with an ad agency.

Founder, CTO as a Service (Consulting CTO)

Gan Bei Group

Oct 2018 - current

A lot of companies don't need a full time CTO. I work with startups to build great software, establish best practices, facilitate technical recruitment, establish agile processes, and long term growth plans ... all while reducing overhead management costs. I would love to hear what your company wants to achieve and help you find a solution that works for you.

VP of Engineering


Dec 2016 - Oct 2018

\- Day-to-day responsibilities: management of engineers, vendors, and outsourced teams. Interdepartmental communication and recruitment. Planning and execution of sprints with VP of Product. 1:1s with direct reports and skip-level meetings for management training and transparency. 10-20% hands-on coding. \- Other responsibilities: Yearly budget planning, quarterly roadmap exercises, stakeholder meetings and cultural events. \- Built an extensive ETL pipeline to collect and analyze distribution data and drive content strategy. \- Created a proprietary metadata management system to track attribution, provide performance reports, and automate content synchronization with distribution systems. \- Developed an individualized goal system for engineers to further increase their skillsets, choosing measurable deliverables to show growth that had direct impact on the company. Guided managers through challenging scenarios and helped them establish trust with their reports. \- Implemented disaster recovery processes to ensure business continuity.

Director of Engineering


Jun 2014 - Dec 2016

Building a platform that raises money and awareness for charities by creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences. \- Successfully recruited a diverse team of 20 engineers made up of 45% women, CS majors and non-traditionalists, and fostered a supportive environment for technical growth. \- Built a global donation platform capable of serving numerous large-scale campaigns of burst traffic simultaneously serving up to 1M users/day. \- Managed construction of AWS auto-scaled environments that could auto-scale using Cloud Formation to handle substantial burst traffic of 50x normal rates in under 2 min. \- Executed performance load testing and established scaling plan in the event of large user traffic volumes. \- Developed retention strategies for engineers who were curious to grow in different directions by creating hybrid roles and providing opportunities to learn from other departments. \- Attended and spoke at many meetups on the usefulness of automation in the development environment. Specifically using Chef, but we eventually switched to using Ansible. \- Created a fully automated deployment and scalable AWS infrastructure that provided developers with local VMs that perfectly matched the images deployed in production. Changes to the environment required less than 10min to have a developer running on the new setup and synced with production.

Director of Technology

Conceptyard LLC

Jan 2014 - Jun 2014

Built amazing products for clients in education technology, food service, environmental protection and law. Worked with clients directly to source project requirements and discuss the end user experience as well as administration tools. \- Built numerous responsive web applications on a Ruby on Rails API for client applications. \- Created Chef automation suite for scaling and reducing cost and time to deploy new applications. \- Managed a team of 10 developers, providing them with project specifications and technical guidance. \- Worked directly with clients to gather project requirements and set expectations and present demonstrations on completed work at various milestones. \- Created a RainBird sprinkler system prototype with Arduino and iOS app. \- Developed prototype for interactive learning system for K-12 school system. \- Focused heavily on using Rspec to ensure our software was buttoned up, but set common practice guidelines to ensure projects were still finished on time without sacrificing safety or quality.

COO and Co-Founder

Danger Zone, Inc

Jul 2013 - Jun 2014

Built an shopping platform that allows sellers to create videos of what their selling, buyers to watch these videos, and buy the products. My primary duties were to code our API and iOS mobile application. Other responsibilities were in product development, recruiting talent and of course all the technical aspects that are required to host and scale our product. Bootstrapping a startup is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. I spent 50% of my evenings networking and meeting potential investors, finding cross promotional opportunities and looking for talent. The other time was spent cooking ramen, coding till my fingers were numb and working with my co-founder to define our business model and refine out pitch deck. Fantastic team. Phenomenal Experience. A practical MBA - learn by experience.

Tech Lead


Jan 2011 - Jul 2013

\- Managed a team of 6 developers around long-term as well as smaller campaign projects. \- Played a pivotal role in winning digital business for Target, Activision, Google, Sonos, CKE and other global businesses. \- Guided our clients through architecture transitions and multi-channel campaigns, including scaling, data migrations, code and system architecture. \- Built prototypes, demos and other various proofs of concept for pitch presentations and existing business. \- Organized workshops to teach technical skills and encouraged interaction with non-technical staff.

Senior Systems Engineer


Aug 2010 - Jan 2011

\- Contributed heavily to a lead generation application to serve our advertisers by improving the algorithm used to determine a best-fit scenario. By adapting some basic velocity and a number of other variables, which we could change on-the-fly, the algorithm would intelligently determine if a user was interested in the page content and then either display the ad or not. Therefore lowering the bounce-rate, improving the click through rate and significantly improving the conversion rate.

Senior Developer

Hangout Industries

Jul 2007 - Aug 2010

\- Implemented a scalable server architecture and API for an MMO gaming platform. \- Created a stateful web application that would horizontally scale and pass telemetry and user communication data between clients in a custom message format that reduce latency and improve the user experience. \- Built a production environment hosting ReSTful web services in ASP.NET / C# running under Windows 2003 IIS \- Ported the Windows .NET services to Mono to save thousands per month on server costs. \- Worked very closely with gameplay developers to ensure the core system and dead-reckoning logic matched the intended experience.


Coolidge Corner Theatre

Jul 2003 - Jul 2005

Adobe Flash Animation Course for children Designed and taught a 10 week summer program for K-8 students at a local theater. Covered cell-based animation, programatic tweening and transforms, onion-skin progressive cloning techniques, and story development. Students presented their final presentations to the public. It was repeated the next year and then I handed off the project to an undergrad.

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