Lalitha Singh

Lalitha Singh

Engineering Leader at google cloud

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I have a BS and MS in Computer Science and have been in the industry 20 years starting with Qualcomm, AMCC and Ericsson and now the last 16 at Google. I started as a Software Engineer and moved into a management position. I love people and technologies and find a lot of joy in discovering the balance, innovation and passion in our work. I am particularly passionate about diversity, career growth, empowering people and finding work/life balance. I live in California with my two daughters, son and husband who keep me on my toes, challenge me often and keep me honest. Our family loves biking, climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking and finding the next off the beaten path adventure. Coaching Focus Areas: Strategy for entry to senior level executives Building an organization for success Understanding your skills, interests, value Exploring a career change Personal Branding Work life balance Communication and relationships

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