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Kunal Parikh

Kunal Parikh

Lead Software Engineer at Nasdaq

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2 Years



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Agile / Scrum
Building a Team
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  August 24, 2020
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Lead Software Engineer


Oct 2017 - current

Leading a team of full-stack engineers Developed: \* set of distributed services to facilitate private market transactions \* components for the Nasdaq Financial Framework (NFF) \* blockchain backed asset management framework Promoted a culture around collaboration within the team and across teams Technologies used: Java, Kafka, Kubernetes, Istio, K8s meta controller and operator framework

Engineering Manager


Jun 2015 - Oct 2017

Leading a team of Android, backend, iOS & web engineers to deliver new ad experiences on consumer facing platforms. Liaise with the Product team to prioritize work. Focus on collaboration within the team & across teams. Integrate with Google DFP & OpenRTB partners

Senior Software Engineer


Oct 2013 - Mar 2015

Modeled a double entry accounting system for cash based businesses Technologies used \* Single page webapp using backbone.js \* API using Ruby on Rails \* PostgreSQL as the data store \* Ansible for server configuration \* AWS CloudFormation to create production and pre-production end to end environments

Senior Software Engineer


Apr 2013 - Sep 2013

Built a WYSIWYG editor using AngularJS to allow data entry operators to create micro-sites for advertisers on the whitepages.com.au website Also, Built an AngularJS web application to display the micro-sites designed using the WYSIWYG editor Sample microsite: http://www.whitepages.com.au/business-listing/telstra-corporation-limited-1147133

Senior Software Engineer


Dec 2011 - Mar 2013

Built a hotel search and booking engine using Rails 3 Integrated with external inventory proivders Briefly worked on javascript front-end built first using ember.js (sproutcore 2) and later re-written using backbone.js Single codebase powers multiple websites: hooroo.com hotel.qantas.com.au/search hotels.jetstar.com/search

Senior Software Engineer

REA Group

Jan 2011 - Nov 2011

Automated server provisioning using Amazon EC2, VMware & Opscode Chef to provide IaaS Automate deployment of in-house software components using build pipelines to create end-to-end environments Build Ubuntu/Debian packages for internal software Researched Linux Containers (LXC) to unit test Chef recipes

Senior Software Engineer


Jul 2010 - Dec 2010

Online Reporting Platform (ORP) The goal of this project was to record all interactions associated with listings on yellowpages.com.au & partner sites. Later, ROI reports were produced for advertisers. The interesting challenges on this project were around the volume & quality of data to process. Involved in planning system architecture at the start of project Automated deployment & orchestration of multiple software components using vlad (Vlad the Deployer) Wrote a database migration tool with support for baselining migrations on a per release basis

Senior Software Engineer

Lonely Planet

Sep 2009 - Jun 2010

Guidebook Feedback System Lonely Planet users provide feedback about information provided in guidebooks. Feedback very often contained detailed information such changes in trading hours of recommended business, or new contact information for the business. The goal was to collect this information in organised fashion, such that the updated information would immediately be made available on their website. Rails app to build a multi-step feedback form Heavy use of JavaScript to provide a simplified user experience

Software Engineer


Apr 2007 - Aug 2009

whitepages.com.au Developed solutions to stabilize & enhance reliability of legacy systems Deliver new business requirements with a focus on testing Introduce tools & technologies to enhance understanding of systems Mentor graduates and developers new to agile methodologies. Played a key role in introducing: Ruby - to enhance understanding and readability of software systems RSpec - to facilitate & enhance communication between business analysts & developers Iteratively stabilised legacy systems while improving reliability and also guaranteeing accuracy of existing functionality Transitioned to a short, iterative and regular deployment cycle Assisted testing effort by automating existing regression suites to allow testers more time for exploratory testing Screening applicants for permanent positions to build a stable team for the long term

Software Engineer

Internet Business Systems Australia

Mar 2005 - Mar 2007

Developed an asset backed finance origination & management system Learned & applied extreme programming while developing mission critical software in the finance domain Actively practiced and learnt the values, principles & practices of Extreme Programming Led the production incident management team Regularly deployed to staging environments each iteration and production environments on sign off Gained substantial understanding of asset-backed financing. Learnt about loan amortisation, present & future value calculations, and, interest calculations Simulated interactions with third-party banking systems to facilitate testing and enhance confidence in system functionality



Mar 2003 - Mar 2005

Architected a J2EE web application for bikesales.com.au using the following tools & technologies: Test driven development Spring for dependency injection & transaction management, Struts & Tiles for controller &view tier, Tomcat as the servlet container, Hibernate as the persistence engine, Oracle as the database, JUnit, JMock & HTTPUnit for unit, mock & integration testing, Anthill for continuous integration


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