Krzysztof Zmudzinski

Krzysztof Zmudzinski

Director of Engineering at Egnyte, Inc.

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6 Years


Manager of Managers

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An engineer at heart with over 15 years of experience in building complex telecom and enterprise applications. Been there, done that as an engineer and a manager leading cross-functional teams of up to 50 individuals.

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Getting Promoted: How Can KPIs Help
30 May

Krzysztof Zmudzinski, Director of Engineering at Egnyte, discusses how he used KPIs to evaluate the performance of one of his senior engineers and how that led to his promotion to a principal engineer role.

Handling Promotion
Salary / Work Conditions
Krzysztof Zmudzinski

Krzysztof Zmudzinski

Director of Engineering at Egnyte, Inc.


Senior Engineering Manager


Aug 2015 - current

Leading several cross-functional geographically dispersed teams (software engineers, QA engineers, data engineers, UX designers). A founding member of Egnyte Protect - overseeing development of this product from inception through execution phase to first customers. Encouraging teams to adopting agile methodologies in order to increase their velocity and predictability. Hiring engineers of any type to sustain the growth of Egnyte’s R&D organization. Oversaw development of the Egnyte Connect cloud platform. Rolled out a brand new web UI. Implemented a model where software engineers were responsible for an overall quality of their delivery because of a limited number of QA engineers. Led the mobile team and helped them to improve their predictability and shorten their release cycles.

Software Engineer


Apr 2008 - Dec 2011

April 2008 – May 2010 Was a member of a team that worked on Video-voice MailboX. Designed and implemented a high availability backend for a notification subsystem based on MySQLCluster and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Created a supervision mechanism for applications being part of VMX in order to achieve 5-9s availability. Designed and developed a data access layer for messages stored in IMAP 
for voice message to text service. Set up a development environment for VMX based on virtual machines run atop of KVM - hardware needs were decreased by 75% in terms of development. June 2010 – 2011 Delegated to a subsidiary company Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories to work on one of its products till the company was sold to a financial investor in December 2011 – details above

Software Engineer


Jul 2007 - Mar 2008

Was on a team of 3 that built a debt collection module for Granit ERP from the scratch. Optimized critical parts of the debt collection module – some of them were speeded up by 3000%.
 Did a research and implemented a proof of concept in order to migrate platform from Delphi 
to C# and .NET.

QA Engineer


Oct 2006 - Jun 2007

Was a first QA on board and created test cases for new features based on MediaWiki. 
Started an effort related to test automation. Implemented performance tests of

Software Engineer (Summer Internship)

Lucent Technologies

Jul 2006 - Sep 2006

Was on a team of 3 and developed a couple of plugins for an in-house sanity health check tool 
for Messaging Link which helped to increase up-time of the application. Automated about 90% 
of functional test cases for ML.

Software Engineer


May 2004 - May 2006

Designed and implemented an application for a financial company which supported its sales process of mortgages. Created several web pages for local businesses in order to strengthen their web presence.

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