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Krishna Aerabati

Krishna Aerabati

Senior Manager, Software Engineering at Relativity

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    Hello Awesome People, My name is Krishna Aerabati. I'm a Senior Software Engineering Manager at *Relativity* (, a provider of e-Discovery solution in cloud and on premise. We are based in Chicago, and I've been with the company for little over 5 years now. I've been leading teams for over 10 years and currently manage the teams & managers responsible for software engineering, testing, technical product management and business analysis. I manage teams here in US and also manage contracting teams in South America as well. Happy to be part of this community. and ready to share what I know and learn from you all!

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    Creating OKR’s for the First Time

    18 March

    Krishna Aerabati, senior manager of software engineering at Relativity, describes how his company went from not knowing how to design OKR’s to being able to do so efficiently and with proper success measurements.

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