Krishanu Sengupta

Krishanu Sengupta

Product Lead, AI & ML at Compass

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  • Wednesday 25th May4:00 PM (GMT)

Empathetic Product Leader. Experience across startups and the Fortune 100. As a mentor I have a lot of specific frameworks to create products at different stages and types of companies. You can expect by working with me that I'll be able to give you a framework for making decisions and providing resources for you to get there. I love talking about process and measures of success, I believe these are repeatable ways to build any kind of product. I am also passionate about empowering diverse teams to collaborate without ego - finding ways to work together to come up with solutions. This has led to the teams I work on moving fast and collaborating well. If you are an IC looking to transition to management or if you're a new manager, and you relate to the experiences I have had - I believe I'd be a great mentor for you. Looking forward to meeting you!

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