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Keith Adams

Keith Adams

Former Chief Architect at Slack

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1 Years



Hi everyone! My name is Keith Adams and was until recently Chief Architect at Slack. I'm not accepting new mentees at this time.

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.


Extended Team Member

Ubiquity Ventures

May 2018 - current

Advising Ubiquity portfolio companies.

Technical Advisor


Apr 2018 - current

Chief Architect


Jan 2016 - current

As Slack's Chief Architect, I assist our engineers and technical leaders with technology selection, build/buy decisions, capacity planning, project slicing and sequencing, and large-scale system design. I like making computers do surprising things!

Technical Advisor


Jan 2015 - Apr 2019

Technical Advisor

Bracket Computing

Jan 2012 - Jan 2016

Software Engineer


Apr 2009 - Dec 2015

AI Group: Engineering systems that can learn from Facebook's enormous piece of the visual, textual, acoustic, and social worlds. HipHop VM: Prototyped, developed, and deployed a new PHP execution engine which improves performance while reducing the distance between dev and prod. Search: Improved the back-end of Facebook's type-ahead system.

Senior Staff Engineer


Jul 2000 - Mar 2009

Various work at the virtual and physical hardware/software interface boundary. Initial work on supporting Intel's VT and AMD's SVM hardware virtualization facilities. A non-intrusive guest-and-virtualization-layer instrumentation facility called VProbes.

Intern Software Engineering


May 1999 - Sep 1999

Prototyped a tape-friendly hybrid physical/logical backup format.

Research Assistant

Oregon Graduate Institute

Oct 1998 - Jun 1999

While with OGI's QUASAR group, I did miscellaneous kernel stuff. The highlight was porting a Linux subset to the i960; this lives on in the uClinux project.

Intern Software Engineering


Jan 1998 - Jan 1998

Implemented a benchmarking harness for the pthreads and real-time group.


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