Keith Adams

Keith Adams

Former Chief Architect at Slack

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    Hi everyone! My name is Keith Adams and was until recently Chief Architect at Slack. I find it rewarding when I can help senior technologists and technology leaders.

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    Chief Architect


    Feb 2016 - Feb 2020

    I was accountable for Slack's overall technical strategy during a period of rapid growth in users, load, and engineering team size.


    Facebook, Inc

    Apr 2009 - Dec 2015

    I worked on Facebook's search backend, the HHVM language runtime, and Facebook AI Research.

    Senior Staff Engineer


    Jul 2000 - Mar 2009

    I was the 20th engineer at VMware, and stayed until 6000 employees or so, through acquisition by EMC, and the initial partial spinout into a publicly traded equity. I worked on the monitor team, which was responsible for virtualizing x86 CPUs and some high-performance devices. We delivered the first multiprocessor VMs, and the first hardware-accelerated VMs.

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