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Karthik Gandhi

Engineering Manager at Stripe

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    Karthik is a seasoned engineering leader with work experience ranging from garage startups to large size corporations. He is passionate about designing and building reliable and scalable software products from the ground up. Karthik believes that effective teamwork, customer obsession, and clear, concise communication skills are crucial for building successful products/companies. Karthik spent his early part of the career as a kernel engineer focusing on Filesystems and networking sub-components. He later transitioned into building distributed systems(cluster managers, multi-region databases) that power web services to scale to millions of transactions/second. Since 2017, Karthik has been working on exciting machine learning problems in building autonomous vehicles and marketplace optimization problems. Marketplace optimization problems: Dynamic pricing strategies, supply/demand shaping in a two-sided marketplace Autonomous vehicles: Dial-a-ride-problem(Darp), Motion Planning

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    How To Make One-on-Ones More Exciting

    5 May

    Karthik Gandhi, Engineering Manager at Stripe, discusses how a well-structured one-on-one with a focus on personal growth and achievement of goals could be immensely exciting.

    Blameless Incident Management

    5 May

    Karthik Gandhi, Engineering Manager at Stripe, shares how he made incident management blameless by focusing on a problem and not on blaming a person.

    Team Processes
    Building a Culture of Ownership and User Empathy

    5 May

    Karthik Gandhi, Engineering Manager at Stripe, recalls his early days in a different cultural setting and his headstrong determination to build a culture of ownership and user empathy that was non-existent company-wide.

    Company Culture
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