Kamal Raj Guptha R

Kamal Raj Guptha R

Engineering Manager at Jeavio

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Having learnt from the tons of mistake I made when I transitioned from an IC to a Manager, I realized that many of these are avoidable with the guidance of a Good mentor. As an Engineering Manager in a startup now, I derive tremendous joy in helping people grow in their careers - especially in to Leadership roles. Are you facing challenges in transitioning from a IC role to a Lead/Manager role? I might be able to guide & help you. Are you a new Engineering Manager facing interesting People/Process issues? I might be able to guide & help you. Do you want to learn the bedrock principles of being a Successful Engineering Manager? I might very well be able to help you understand these.

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Effective Feedback Mechanism

5 February

The Mindset, Skillset & Toolset to use while giving Feedback.

Career Path
Honesty in Leadership

5 February

As a Leader, can you show your weaknesses to your team? Your vulnerability to your team? Not only can you, you must.

Providing Clarity to team

5 February

Giving confusing direction to team is perilous. But giving clarity is so very important.

Building A Team
People, Process & Product

5 February

As an Engineering Manager, what to focus on more? People or Process or Product?

New Manager
People Oriented vs Task Oriented

20 January

As a Lead or Manager, one could naturally incline more towards being either people oriented or task oriented. Which is better? Do you know which side you lean more towards?

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