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Justin Potts

Justin Potts

EVP of Engineering at Bank Novo

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Currently EVP of Engineering at Bank Novo Previously, as a VPE & Chief Architect at MoneyLion, Justin's primary objectives are to cultivate engineering leaders, ensure organizational health, and turn Engineering into a competitive advantage. Justin has over eight years of experience leading, contributing to, and growing engineering organizations in top companies. Before joining MoneyLion, Justin worked in Director, R&D, SRE, and Senior SWE roles. Multidisciplinary background in algorithms and computer science. Justin is currently pursuing his EMBA at NYU Stern School of Business. It's an age-old story, Trusted Business Bob tells key stakeholders at your company that if you add <insert product here> to your app, you're looking at 40mm dollars in additional annual revenue. Bob's suggested project can help raise the market value of your company and attract more investors. Your executive team sees dollar signs. What if this happens again the following week? Perhaps four more lucrative opportunities present themselves over the next month. What if this happens thirty times over three years? Neither human nature nor the centralized design of modern organizations, very much a late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century invention, were built to change quickly, easily, and smartly. People and organizations were designed to be efficient and reliable enough to ensure survival. How do you thrive as an engineering leader while dealing with things like growing complexity, underperforming teams, broken organizational structures, and non-technical executives? When you manage a complex adaptive systems, which many people do not understand, you have to think differently.

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    Simplifying the Architecture

    30 September

    Justin Potts, VP of Engineering at MoneyLion, tackles the ever-intriguing problem of simplifying the architecture and thus reducing the overall complexity of the systems.

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    Team Processes
    Integrating Engineering Into Product During the Product Discovery Process

    30 September

    Justin Potts, VP of Engineering at MoneyLion, explains how including engineers in the product discovery process helps with assessing the feasibility of product ideas.

    Cross-Functional Collaboration
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