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Julie Meloni

Sr Director, Technology Consulting at Slalom Federal

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    Hi Friends! I've been working in the software industry for over 25 years as an engineer, a product manager, and an engineering manager at various levels and with many different team sizes and configurations. While most of my career has been spent in the private sector, I did two tours of duty in the government with the United States Digital Service as general technologist/solver of gnarly problems. I have a lot of stories! Fundamentally, I'm just a person who builds things, builds teams, and builds teams who build things -- I care deeply about the people building things and the people for whom they're solving problems. I've worked with numerous technologies, methodologies, and development practices over the years, but at the end of the day it's all just about people. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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    Gaining Acceptance as the New Manager in the Office

    12 June

    Julie Meloni, Senior Engineering Manager at Improbable, serves up some helpful tips on how to gain acceptance as the new manager in the office and become more involved with your team.

    Building A Team
    Internal Communication
    Changing Company
    New Manager
    The Challenges of Being the Engineering Manager Hired In to Fix Existing Problems

    24 April

    Julie Meloni, a Senior Engineering Manager at Improbable, details the skill set she employs when she finds herself hired from the outside to “fix things” in an existing organization.

    Internal Communication
    Team Processes
    New Manager
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