Julie Griech

Julie Griech

Director of Quality Assurance at InVision

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    I have been in the Quality and Testing field for the whole of my career. I love quality! There have been so many great opportunities for me to build new QA teams from the ground up; which has included not only hiring great people, but also building a world-class Quality practice. What each company can bear as far as process goes is different, and I am very proud of my success in finding the right balance of what works, what may need to be adjusted, and what is already working well.

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    Building a World-class Software Quality Team from Scratch

    15 February

    Software companies have a variety of testing and quality needs. One can care deeply about the quality of their products, but have a low tolerance for process or a low ability to implement a quality department or team...

    QA Team
    Being an Influencer of Quality

    15 February

    One of my favorite characteristics about QA experts and testers is our everlasting dedication to speaking up when something isn’t right...

    QA Team
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